What are the first steps in implementing a system to building loyalty?

How does a customer feedback fit into your strategy?

This course will answer those questions, and more.

You'll learn:

  • Keep customers who are loyal and customers who might have left if you did not respond to their review. Without a system, it’s tough to see all reviews.
  • No matter the size of your business, people are talking.
  • Difference between social and online reviews is online reviews come up in SEO content.
  • Know what your customers want to see changed without guessing or looking through countless review sites.
  • By managing feedback you have a system in place that saves employees time.
  • Make sure your reputation is positive. Your reputation can go from positive to negative within days if not properly managed.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Why Build Customer Loyalty?

    • Why Build Customer Loyalty?

    • Study Guide: Building Customer Loyalty

  • 2

    Identifying Brand Advocates

    • Identifying Brand Advocates

  • 3

    Respond to Reviews

    • Respond to Reviews

About the instructor

Senior Instructor

Emily Carl

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