Measuring customer loyal requires a strategy. This course will teach you how to measure loyalty, create advocates, and the impact it can have on your entire organization.

The Customer Experience Training & Certification Program empowers marketing professionals at any stage of their careers to focus on customers first and create customer experiences that turn customers into advocates.

Marketers need a renewed focus on their customers.

All your efforts, your work, and your finest campaigns will go to waste if you don’t understand your customers directly. It is up to you to find them where they live, hear what they have to say, and work with them to achieve mutual success.

To complete this certification, you will learn how to manage your brand image, listen to what your customers are saying, and leverage customer feedback.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Net Promoter Score

    • Net Promoter Score

    • Study Guide: Measuring Customer Feedback

  • 2

    Why NPS?

    • Why NPS?

  • 3

    How to find your NPS

    • How to find your NPS

About the instructor

Senior Instructor

Brian Sparker

As a content marketer, Brian aims to solve problems through carefully crafted content, with the goal of helping businesses collect and understand customer feedback.

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